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Ashwin Unni 27 Dec, 2018 Home Automation, Smart Living

The Era of Smart Homes

It all started in the late '80s when Artificial Intelligence had just been discovered! Who knew that it would mark the beginning of something so incredible that our lives would revolve in and around it. As we hit 2019, we as mankind are all geared up to let Artificial Intelligence seep into our personal lives and homes on a more intimate level. The future of smart living is here with the ''AI'' embedded in most of our devices or as we call it the Internet of things (IoT) in our homes, appliances and other smart devices. These physical devices have in-built sensors and are interconnected to each other with the help of connected network infrastructure that allows them to interact with each other. Alexa and Siri are already a part of this revolution and it is overwhelming to witness these devices perform such exceptional tasks in the blink of an eye. Everything is now just a touch away.

A smart home is like an ecosystem, wherein devices or home appliances interact and communicate with each other to provide that incredible user experience. A well automated smart home can control various aspects like brightness, temperature, entertainment system, security system, etc of a house with just a single app on your smartphone. Smart blinds, for example, can detect the brightness and adjust themselves in order to adapt to the natural sunlight coming from outdoors. Similarly, smart speakers like Amazon dot, Amazon echo, Alexa, Google Assistant etc can read out news, play your favorite music or movie without you having to put in any extra efforts. And the impeccable smart security systems are truly the 21st-century thing. You could remotely access doors of your house and keep a close eye on what's going on under the hood with the pets in your house. Maid late as usual and you have to leave for work? No worries, you can remotely keep a check if the chores are completed and lock the door remotely as she leaves. There's also no need to hire babysitters as these interconnected devices allow you to remotely access entertainment systems to keep your kids busy. Besides, smart cameras share live feeds of your home, so you know your loved ones are safe even while you are away.

Now let's imagine a scenario where you are busy packing for your next vacation and you take off without turning on the air filter for your fish tank. And you know if you don't turn that thing on your fish tank would be a gruesome graveyard till you return back from that trip. The IoT comes to the rescue at this very moment by allowing you to remotely switch on the air filter. There are innumerable examples where ''IoT'' can be a lifesaver! Our range of smart IERO switch lights is fully equipped to make your home a smart one. You could set timers, assemble and customize their settings to turn on or off as you enter or leave your house. A smart AI enabled appliance not only helps you with chores but also responsibly cuts down on your bills while saving the environment simultaneously.

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