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Ajay Thanage 09 Jan, 2019 LED, Technology

LED - An inevitable switch

Bygone are the days when incandescent bulbs were the only way of lighting up your home. Endless power consumption, lesser durability and overheating are just a few predicaments of the traditional lighting bulb. Not to mention, all the hassle of getting them replaced innumerable times definitely did get the old man fuming in a rage all the time! We're glad to be born in the most exciting time of human history where Artificial intelligence has just begun to transform our lives on a personal level. Switch led lights are one such fine example of the way were are smartly lighting up our homes without having to worry too much about power consumption.

Sir Thomas Edison - One of the greatest inventors of all time would have never thought of the revolution that is taking place in the field of switch lights currently. They are now brighter, energy efficient, they don't flicker and help you save more on your electricity bills.

LED's have made a noticeable progress in the recent decade and are still evolving. Switch lights have now been upgraded to make your life easier. Let's discover some of the benefits of installing one at your home.

  • Energy efficient - Statistics say that a good quality led switch can save up to 85% of your power bill as they are designed to improve efficiency by consuming lesser electricity.
  • Sustainable- LED's are more sustainable as they meet our current and future needs by minimising costs while reducing the overall carbon footprint on the environment.
  • Durable - Switch lights are designed to be 6 times more durable and long lasting as compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs that perished frequently due to immense heat emissions.
  • Maintenance free - The durable nature of switch LED lights makes them maintenance free. The components in the switch light are designed with due care and diligence to last years and thereby ensuring longevity. Just fit and forget!
  • Dimmable - Nothing feels better than having the liberty to dim the lights, especially when you're just back from a busy day at work! Switch lights can be adjusted in accordance with your requirements.
  • Smarter living - LED's emit the right bright light to make you feel home and is a smarter way of upgrading your house while cutting down on energy consumption. Smart LED's updated with AI enable you to operate them from a distance so that you would never have to worry about actually going into that dark room to switch on the lights all by yourself! You could also customise their settings.
  • Environment-friendly - A Switch LED bulb emits light via the diode as opposed to an incandescent bulb which has filaments that heat up immensely to emit the light. This emission of heat contributes majorly to global warming. Also, switch LED bulbs contain no mercury, so they prove to be a better alternative to traditional bulbs.

Moreover, they are environment-friendly and if consciously used worldwide, we would be able to deal with global warming more effectively. Artificial intelligence for sure is swiftly paving its way to secure its prominent place in futuristic living. And especially with global warming being one of the major world concerns, the need to switch the switch is inevitable!

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