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Ashwin Unni 05 Feb, 2019 Green Earth, Clean Energy

Global Warming - Our greatest threat of the 21st century

The earth's climate is evidently changing! Yes, it's happening and now at an unimaginably faster pace due to increased human intervention, merely to satisfy the needs of the masses. The recent decade has seen many changes in the way life on earth has been constantly struggling in order to adapt to the changing climate. It has become challenging for animals and plants around the globe to survive with significantly rising temperatures. When it comes to potential threats global warming beats every other potential hazard. Declining biodiversity, ozone depletion, deforestation, increased heat waves, rising sea levels, etc are just a few risks that global warming can cause. Major hazards also include immense precipitation, increased risk of tsunamis, droughts and forest fires.

Minute changes in climate can adversely affect all living organisms. It is appalling to acknowledge the fact that 55% of Americans think that global warming is a hoax. Despite the urgent warnings issued by scientists from all over the globe we as mankind have failed to keep it under control as we still continue to keep our lifestyle unchanged. Human activities to create energy and fuel have led to immense heat and CO2 emissions causing the temperatures to soar and making the air contaminated and unfit for inhalation. It is surprising to know that something so common as the traditional incandescent bulbs tend to contribute to global warming directly as they radiate 20 times more heat than the new LED switches in the market. Imagine India with a whopping population of 133 where the basic mechanism of lighting up homes would be by these incandescent bulbs.

The International Energy Agency revealed that approximately 0.70 million ton of carbon is released into the atmosphere every year by these bulbs only.

It has become crucial and the very need of the hour to adopt energy efficient devices to keep global warming under control. Besides, these switches are designed to last a lifetime, they radiate brighter light and majorly cut down on electricity bills. Modern LED switches are more durable, sustainable, maintenance free and come with a sleeker design to inspire smarter living. We do not see any reason as to why they shouldn't be used in modern homes! The world is in dire need to replace traditional energy consuming devices. It's time to shift our focus towards sustainable and smarter living because if we don't, our future generations would have nothing left to rely on. The wrath of nature will have vile effects and shall take an irreplaceable toll on all forms of life and will drastically change the living conditions only for worse if we do not act promptly.

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