Traits of Parrots

Life Span: Parrots have a long life span compared to many other pet species. Different species of parrots can live from 10 to over 100 years, so keeping a parrot as a pet should be considered a lifetime commitment.

Shelter: You need to put your pet parrot in a cage. The placement of the cage is important too. The location of the cage should be free from drafts and direct sunlight and maintain a consistent temperature (around 70 degrees). Parrots need enough space in the cage to be able to spread their wings horizontally and allow for head and tail clearance. They also need space to hop on perches and fly horizontally, so width should be larger than height. Avoid keeping your parrot’s cage near a kitchen; toxic fumes from certain cookware coatings can be deadly to birds.

Diet: Parrots need a more balanced diet. Improper diets can lead to problems with feather growth, strain on the body, vitamin deficiencies and illness. Always offer clean water and food in dishes that will not foster bacteria, and clean them regularly.

Appearance: Besides their wings and feathers, a major characteristic of a parrot is the beak. Parrots are very adept at using their beak, it’s almost like a hand for them. They use it to climb, hold things, manipulate things, and, of course, to eat.

Grooming: Parrots don’t require much in the way of grooming. Rather, they will do most of the work themselves. Parrots are naturally hygienic animals that preen their feathers on a daily basis.

Training: Parrots are extremely intelligent. Training your parrot to talk, mimic, and count is very easy.

Temperament: Parrots are actually very loving and social animals that require a great deal of attention. In fact, parrots that don’t get the attention that they need, can often act out with behavioral issues, and can even inflict self-harm.

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