Tortoise as Pets

Tortoise is great pets. Even people who don’t like reptiles often are attracted to turtles and tortoises. They’re cute and appealing. And they seem like the kind of simple pet that you keep in a nice tank, toss food at once in a while and that’s it. They have a great temperament, often described as calm, quiet and shy and can be considered low maintenance when compared to other pets.

Turtles are messy eaters and produce a lot of waste, their tanks need more filtration than would be needed for a fish tank of the same size. They are also very affordable and inexpensive.

Tortoises make wonderful pets for the right pet owners. However, those that are considering getting a pet tortoise must carefully consider all aspects of tortoise care before bringing home their new reptilian pet. Tortoise has a life span of about 50-100 years. Coming in different sizes, colors  and species means there is a tortoise to fit most people’s budget. They found primarily grey, black, yellow, and green.

By Team Mypetspot

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