Things to Remember before getting a Finger Monkey

Health Concerns: They can easily get a cold. They can also be infected with measles, Rubella, Tuberculosis, Salmonella, and other viruses and bacteria.

Lifespan: Finger monkeys live longer in captivity as opposed to in the wild. They can live anywhere from 15 to 20 years when kept as pet. Their lifespan is shorter in the wild because they are known to fall off trees and get injured or die.

Shelter: You can create an enclosure with complex architecture, so they can leap from one area to the next, engaging their locomotor skills. Keeping them in small cages can cause them to suffer severe stress and could result in aggressive behavior towards you or any family member. Another important thing is to make sure their home remains around 23-28 degrees Celsius. Finger monkeys are tropical monkeys and prefer warmth. They mustn’t be allowed to go outside if it’s too cold since they can get frostbite at around 5 degrees Celsius.

Food: Dry pellets with the necessary nutritional components can be the suitable food for these monkeys. Make sure to supplement this with dried and fresh fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and proteins like mealworms, small insects, hard-boiled eggs, or chicken.

Grooming: They require cleaning, especially since they’re not known for being clean.

By Team Mypetspot

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