Things to keep in mind while keeping a Pet Chicken

Shelter: Pet chickens should be housed outdoors in a secure coop with an area to run around during the day. A secure, wooden coop or shed with a ramp out into the fenced-in chicken yard should be available for the chickens.

Health: Common health problems with pet chickens include respiratory diseases, wing, leg, and foot injuries, feather mites and lice, and intestinal parasites.

Benefits: You can raise chickens for eggs, generally two or three hens per family member will give you plenty of eggs to feed your needs. Chickens are also a great source of all-natural fertilizer. Chickens will eat everything from crickets to ants to mosquito larvae so by this they provide inexpensive pest control to your house.

Costing: They’re low-maintenance and inexpensive to raise and purchase.

Temperament: Chickens are very intelligent birdsl.

Training and exercise: Chickens are fairly easy to train and taught to do tricks in some cases, you can even teach them to do things on command. Chickens even have the ability to recall and recognize hundreds of different faces.

Life Span: The average life expectancy is 5-6 years.

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