Things to Consider before getting a Pet Tortoise

Easy Housing-

The housing and care of a tortoise can be inexpensive. A well-made and decent sized tortoise enclosure with high walls is recommended because tortoises are great climbers.

Tortoise Need UV Light-

Without UV light tortoise cannot metabolise calcium which is important for shell growth. The required UV light is D3 T5 12% lamp. 

Good Temperament-

Pet tortoises have a great temperament as they tend to be calm, shy and quite creatures. They will sleep at night and eat or bask under the headlamp in the day. The only time a tortoise can become aggressive is if two male tortoises are placed in the same enclosure, in this situation they may try to attack each other.


Tortoises are herbivores which means they eat a plant based diet, herbivores can only survive on a plant based diet due to the nutritional content needed for them to survive and grow.

Low Maintenance-

A tortoise can be considered fairly low maintenance which makes them great pets. Once you have your enclosure set up with the correct temperature maintained for your tortoise it is only water, food and a regular bath are required. It is however important to make sure that tortoise has fresh water every day, this is because your tortoise may bathe in the water provided. Lack of water can lead to articular gout and kidney failure.


Depending on the age and type of tortoise for about two months in winter tortoise will go for a long nap. Before its nap tortoise will fast between two and six weeks before hibernation, however it will still require water and a bathe.

One ready for hibernation all that is required is two small boxes that fit inside each other with a small gap and some bedding. A constant temperature of between 3 and 5 degrees will need to be kept in order to keep your tortoise healthy. After a long sleep simply placing our tortoise in a warm room initially will begin the wakening process ready for spring.

Very Affordable

As far as pets go a tortoise is one of the most affordable pets.

By Team Mypetspot

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