Physical Characteristics of a Finger Monkey

Finger monkey is known scientifically as a pygmy marmoset, there are two sub-species belonging to this group

1. The Cebuella pygmaea (Western Pygmy Marmoset)

2. The Cebuella niveiventris (Eastern Pygmy Marmoset)

Both have different habitats, and they have slight variations in their coloring and marking. Other than that, these two sub-species are similar.

A baby finger monkey features a rounded head with fur colors that range from brownish-gold, black, and gray on its head or back. They have a small, flat nose and large eyes. Often, their faces have flecks of white around their cheeks and sometimes a vertical line running between their eyes. They can also rotate their heads a full 180 degrees, which is essential for them to see their surroundings when in their natural habitat.

Their natural diet is tree sap or gum resin, because of which their teeth come with sharp incisors which allows them to bite into tree bark and gouge out chunks to get to the tree sap.

Finger monkeys also have a long tail even longer than the monkey’s body, at around 6.8 to 9 inches long, usually with black rings that help them balance. Their tails are not prehensile.

A full-grown finger monkey can fit neatly on an adult humans hands and weigh just a few grams, approximately 85 to 140 grams.

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