How to wear

Picking an outfit to wear is stressful; you have to choose something every day. More time you spend planning your outfits, the easier it will be to plan them quickly.

If you’re running late, then you may not have the time to put together an entirely new outfit. Then in such case you can think back on outfits you’ve worn in the past and gotten compliments on. Save these outfits for future purposes also and wear them when you find yourself in a hurry.

Color scheme is very important when you are styling yourself for any occasion or just like that. A color scheme should consist of two main colors, with the option to add in additional colors as accents. If you’re dressing yourself in the fall, combine some dark color like mustard yellow and gray. If you’re planning an outfit in spring, try pairing two different pastel shades.

If you constantly find yourself struggling to pick out an outfit in the morning, consider selecting your outfit the night before.

Above all the thing which is very important while dressing or styling yourself is that you need to be comfortable in the outfit you are wearing. Tight jeans or pants or even tops can make you feel uncomfortable at times. So choose your outfit very wisely depending upon the weather and outdoor conditions.

Following latest trends and fashion is important but not more important than your comfort.

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