Finger Monkey as Pet

The finger monkey has become one of the most popular exotic pets today, not just because of their size but because they’re so unique. Also known as a pygmy marmoset, a finger monkey is the smallest primate species in the world. They are cute, adorable, curious, playful, and smart creatures and only as big as your hand. They are natives of South American countries, like Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia.

A baby finger monkey might seem like the most angelic and docile creature, but once they reach adulthood, they tend to become aggressive. This is especially true for a male full-grown finger monkey.

Finger monkeys are known to bite. They can do playful biting, and they can also cause severe damage when they turn aggressive. If you get a baby finger monkey, they will require about 90% of your attention since they would need feeding every few hours. So think before while getting a finger monkey home.

By Team Makememodel

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