Characteristics Traits of Sugar Glider

Temperament: They are social animals.

Behavior: They are nocturnal animals meaning they’re most active at night.

Shelter: Enclosure that’s 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 36 inches high is a good minimum size for a pair of sugar gliders. Cage wire spacing should be no more than a half-inch wide, and the bars should be horizontal to facilitate climbing. The interior of the cage should contain lots of toys and a closed exercise wheel.

Food:  In the wild, a sugar glider’s diet includes nectar and sap from trees. But sugar gliders are omnivorous, they eat plants and animals. So in addition to the nectar and sap, they also consume fruit, insects, and even small birds or rodents.

Water: Always keep a water dish or bottle in the cage, which should be refreshed at least daily.

Health Problems: Sugar gliders are prone to some bacterial and parasitic infections. For instance, giardia, a protozoan parasite, can cause dehydration, lethargy, and weight loss.

By Team Mypetspot

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