Challenges of keeping an Exotic Pet in an Apartment

A ‘good pet’ is varies from person to person, and your living situation is a significant factor as well. Apartment living has a few challenges that would make pet keeping more restrictive, and a few of these factors are:

Space: The first and most obvious thing to consider when choosing a pet for an apartment would be space limitations. In order to remain healthy, animals need enough space to carry out species-specific behavior.

Noise: In most apartments, noise level is pretty important as there are other residents in the building whose comfort you need to consider. Therefore loud birds, crazy screaming fennec foxes, and howling New Guinea barking dogs may not be the ideal choice for these types of living situations.

Destructive Tendencies: Many apartment spaces are rentals or you have your own apartment, in that case you will certainly not want to bring a pet to your home that will chew on walls, scratch up furniture that may not be yours, and leave permanent stains on the carpet.

Size of the pet: In most cases, a smaller pet might be a better choice for apartment living. Not only would this mean that the pet would have more space, but landlords may be less likely to place restrictions on animals that are not larger than the average-sized pets.

By Team Mypetspot

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